Psychic? Want to work for the US Defense Department? Get trained in all of the ins and outs of remote viewing at this full day training seminar on psychic intelligence gathering. Psychic Intelligence Gathering Used to Defend Homeland.

Before you buy that overpriced water in Starbucks in order to help the world's children, read this, please. Every Bottle Makes Us A Huge Profit. And what the hell are you doing in a Starbucks, anyway? For shame!
Love Jesus? Really love Jesus? Well, then...donate a kidney! Wait, what? Man 'brainwashed by kidney cult". Best part of the article? When his mother states, "I was living in a world of aghastness." Pure poetryness.
Satanic hatemongering. This blog here points out something that's been getting on my nerves for a while. Wiccans/Pagans/White Lighters/Right Hand Pathers/whatever you want to call them do not have a corner market on the word "witch." Satanic hatemongering: when will it end?

It vexes me every time someone says, "Witches don't worship Satan or any evil entities." I'm sure if I tried hard enough, I could find one or two who do. Anton LaVey did write The Satanic Witch (LaVey, Anton) after all. That's because "witch" isn't a term that represents a definite group of people. It is a self-applied term that people of various faiths have begun to use rather than saying "I am a magic user." "Witch" does not denote a specific religion, no matter how much Wiccans/Pagans/etc. want it to.
That's it for the newsflash. Happy birthday to moi.