Y'all know you want one...the latest thing out on the market, the George Bush Voodoo Doll. Who wants to bet Jeff buys more than one?


Unspeakable horror, comrades: Cthulhu Worshiper Amulets sold in Russia. Yes, as actual religious items. I don't know if this is the coolest thing ever or a sign of the end of the world. In communist Russia, Cthuluhu worships you? Hmmmm...

A direct quote from Tol on the subject: "Cree-py."


Got a few Pagans to spare? 24,000 of them descend upon Stonehenge for the Solstice. Don't ask me what I did for the solstice. It's freezing down here, midwinter, my head hurts, and I don't have a copy of The Dark is Rising. Grrr.
For $160,000, I burn candle for you! It will remove all curses! Another psychic is at it again, but this time she got caught: 'Mrs. Grace' Sees Her Future in Jail.
And, not really Occult related, but certainly book related: Strapped for time but still want to read the classics? Get DailyLit to send the classic of your choice to you in bite size pieces via email.
Little Ms. Connie got the first instalment of Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground today.


Jeff said...

I would totally buy a Dubya voodoo doll, but I would be afraid it would be infected with his evil and come to life one night and kill me. That would be bad.