I have nothing to say about this



ivan said...

#1. If you are going to post a singing telegram on You Tube:
a. Be able to sing more that two notes, and b. E-NUN-CI-ATE.

#2. If you don't have enough of a torso, even in your own opinion, to display it proudly, wear a shirt. Fakey muscle vests impress and fool nobody.

#3 If you are going to teach the basics of the LBRP, don't add extra syllables to the angel and god names to suit your faux rock opera melody.

If you can do that those simple things, Man Who Wants to be Queen, Ivan will be happy.

Constance Parker said...

Ivan, does that user name up there mean you have a blog? And if so, how come I don't know about it yet, hmmmm?

Anjel said...


Oh Constance - you've excelled this time.

That's Gold.

ivan said...

Connie darling, there's more than one way to scour a scruple!

Jeff said...

Quick! Someone call the police. The prop room for the new Batman movie has been robbed!

Anjel said...

Nice new layout! (How'd u do that?!)