The Who is Whating?

Stolen from IMDB board again: "The preview clips are bad. And the movie will be beyond imagining..."

You know what? I hate spoilers. They can totally ruin a movie.

Know what else? I don't give two damns if I ruin Walden Media's The Dark is Rising/The Seeker: The Dark is Rising/The Seeker/Willie and the Old Ones Go to Camp/Whatever the hell they call it next week for anyone.

So, going by a post on the IMDB message board for the movie, I'd just like to share the following with you true believers out there:

1. There is no Walker.

2. There is no Sign of Fire.

3. The sixth sign is Will's soul.

I'm not making that up. Hell, I don't think I could make that up if I tried.

I am beyond words. In fact, I'm wondering if someone substituted my birth control pills with hallucinagins this morning. (If you did, thanks, but I'm having a horrible trip!)

Further reports from early movie watchers:

1. The Book of Gramarye does not appear in the film. Will uses Google to find out about the Light and Dark. I hope he remembered to check Wikipedia!

2. No, really -- the Walker is NOT in the moive. In fact, he's become like the ball in a cup and ball magic trick. He's there! They've hired an actor! No, he's there! He's in the trailer! Now he's over here! Can you find him?! He's gone! Check out this Youtube video for clarification:

3. Yes, in the movie, Will does indeed have twin.

4. From a review by Stephen Farber for Hollywood Review, we find out that "There's one scary sequence with an army of snakes led by an albino cobra."

This quote from a review by Marc Fennell sums it up nicely:

“Dear Mr Peter Jackson – Im writing to you cos I'm wonderin... if I asked
very nicely... could you run a masterclass on 'how to make a decent epic film'
so we never, ever have to watch another movie like The Seeker: The Dark is
I'm stopping now. Because I started reading Over Sea, Under Stone a few days ago and I'm up to Silver on the Tree. Time to go spend some time with the real Will Stanton, sans twin.

I heard mention that a someone on the IMDB message boards is working on organising a sympathy gift/consolation gift for Susan Cooper from her fans. I'm trying to get more informaiton about that project.

Okay, I lied. Holy crap -- I just saw a scene in which Will throws Max at a sheep in the middle of a circa-1600s villiage while they are dressed in present-day clothes and no one is paying any attention to them whatsoever. Silly me! I forgot about Will's hawt brother-tossing powahs of the light! How could I?!


Greetings, I am April said...

I cannot even find the words to describe how angry this makes me. I've been rereading the whole series, and I just cracked the spine on Silver on the Tree.

Keep me posted on this sympathy gift. This really fucking pisses me off.

Susanna said...

OK, so it's not just me.

We saw the preview of this in the theater a couple months ago and I kept thinking, "This seems like a Disney-ish knockoff of The Dark Is Rising." I was both surprised and repulsed when I found out it was supposed to actually *be* TDIR!

I'm glad they at least changed the name, but I won't be seeing it.

Marysia Kay said...

I will not be going to see this film. It disgusts me that sucha beautiful book should have to be put through this crap.

Constance Parker said...

The silver lining to this movie nightmare is this: I have been able to talk to people who love the sequence as much as I do.

Before Walden and Fox began to stamp all over my childhood with this travesty, I only knew one person who had read the books. Now, I've talked to and lots of people who have.

However, that's the *only* good part to this train wreck.

I am going to go see the movie, but I'm going to pay for another movie and sneak into TDIR. They won't be getting any of my money.