Aieeee! Right off the edge of the world!

Hi folks,

I haven't posted in a terribly long time -- I blame the Holiday Season, which has been kicking my butt. I'd like to say that I'm working on another review, but I haven't even started one yet! *ashamed face*

Howeve, I'll attempt to get myself back into gear ASAP. Until, then. a question for all of you folks out there: If you could own a copy of any book, any edition, what would it be?

Promising to be useful soon,


Steve B said...

Ooo... 1st ed of Fowles' The Magus, because it has a better ending than his 'revised' version?

Or any copy of "Day of the Starwind", the trashy ultra-violent 80's teen fiction book by Douglas Hill in the "Last Legionary" series, which for some reason is hugely expensive now. Just because I'm 10 again whenever I read that series.

Or "The Compendium of Symbolic and Ritual Plants in Europe" by Marcel de Cleene, because it's the Daddy on plant and herb folkore. And costs $220.

Jeff said...

First edition, Charles Darwin's On the Origin of the Species.

Constance Parker said...

Steve B: What you've said about The Magus makes me curious, because Frank is reading it and I have no idea which version he has. I'll have to check it out!

As for Douglas Hill, I've never heard of him, but his Wikipedia page says he's written some non-fiction about the occult -- so now I'm drooling over those!

And I bet I know someone else out there who would want your third selection, too. I won't reveal his name; I'll just see if he pipes up!

I am both surprised and not surprised! Great selection!

Okay who else is going to share?

Ivan said...

Well, you probably know this already, but, Henry Hyatt's "Hoodoo - Conjuration -
Witchcraft - Rootwork"

It would be lovely to have all five volumes.

There are many other books I would dearly love to have, but this one is still on the top of the list!

Ivan said...

OMG! I meant Harry Hyatt!! Geesh!

Constance Parker said...

Mr. Hyatt's work is a great choice! And if it makes you feel any better, I almost always misspell his last name. Oh, and Ivan, I thought you would be the one who would second steve b's herbalism choice! ;)