Treading water in the outer reaches of the intar-web

Since I live in Nowra now, I couldn't resist doing some research on everyone's favorite local lunatic getting messages from the Virgin Mary while happily nurturing his own cult, Little Pebble.

Apparently, his compound is somewhere near Nowra. I was poking around on one of the official Little Pebble web pages, and I just had to share this quote with you:

"Do not Hindus have their Buddha in their homes?"

Hey, Little Pebble...understanding the basics of other religions -- you're doin' it wrong! You may want to ask the Virgin Mary for a little help differentiating between Hindus and Buddhists the next time she drops by for tea and bikkies.

The best part is that the quote is used (inexplicably) in a response to a question about him being an adulterer and bigamist. You can read the quote in its context here. Just scroll down to the answer to question 11.

The man is a grade-A wing nut -- and though there are many other much more serious (and more scary) problems with his belief structures, I just had to share.

Heck, at least he's in jail now.