Update + Bad Craziness Down Under

Wander over here, if you will, and read this article that appeared in the Brisbane Times. In it, a researcher named Rosemary Aird has announced that "New Age" spirituality may contribute to mental illness.

She determined this by surveying 3700 21-year-olds. You read that right -- 21-year-olds.

Not to mention, she is quoted as saying this:

"People who are into the new-age spirituality tend to shop around and will often borrow from all sorts of old beliefs, like Wicca, witchcraft or Native American religions. It's a whole mish-mash and changes all the time, where they'll do something for a while before doing something else."

The emphasis on old is mine. Wicca started 'round about 1954. If that qualifies for old, what qualifies for new, religiously speaking? A comment like that makes it kind of difficult for me to find confidence in what the lady is saying.

I have other thoughts rattling 'round my head, but that's it for now.

As for Our Gods Wear Spandex, reading that book is like beating myself over the head. But I am slowly working on it. At least I know I'll have lots to say in my review.