The Tide is High....

It's raining -- a lot. Take a look at this picture of the (usually) laughably dry "wetlands" across the street from my apartment. A bunch of roads are closed -- we are trapped in Nowra. If there was a perfect time for the big Cthulhu-creatures to pop out of the sewers and get us, this is it.

I'm not worried -- really. *Clutches can of Cthulhu-Away-Spray(tm).*

The pic above is of me, waiting in the gutter to do battle.

Frank and I are going out later to take more photos.
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Robert Chaplin rca bfa said...

nice shoes,
I like your blog too.
Cheers, R

Jeff said...

Those *are* some cute shoes.

And you know what I like about your blog? YOU ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO SPELL AND USE DECENT GRAMMAR!


Constance Parker said...

Awww...shucks, fellas -- you flatter me.

Jeff, I has no idea what is you talkin' 'bout. Srsly, d00d.