Something stirs...

Oh my oh my, it has been an age, hasn't it? Well, fearless readers, I have returned. Who would have thought that getting married and making an attempt to write a few less reviews and a few more pieces of fiction would have resulted in such an unceremonious hiatus?

But now I'm back. And while I can't yet proclaim that old Connie is better than ever, at least I am here again!

I'd like to thank everyone who continued to comment while I had fallen off the face of the earth -- I received everything from resounding agreement to an indignant defense of one of my favorite targets, the prolific Konstantinos.

Well, now that I've actually stirred and posted and started talking again, it's time for me to go forth and dig out my next target. I'll lay off good old Konstantinos for a while and try to find something even more wretched. Wish me luck.

While I'm at it, I better change the look of this place. Why the hell did I leave it looking so fugly?


Anal Slut said...

Rae you able to give your husband to Satan?

Constance Parker said...

Eys, if I wish. So he better behave himself.