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Officials in China are prevailing upon psychics in order to know the future. Officials have more faith in superstitions than the Party

Psychics in Salem, MA are calling for tests and stricter licensing for fellow psychics. Is it altruism and community concern or is it attempting to protect their market share? You decide. Psychics may have to pass test to practice.
And finally, accused "satanist" sets fire to historic church in Burlington, IA. The best part of this article is when one of the satanic items found in the little punk's room is the Devil May Cry video game. It has the word Devil on it! Satanic ritual tool! From Capcom! (The people who made Streetfighter and Megaman.) Also entertaining is when Police Chief Dan Luttenegger states that the term satanic is used whenever occult items are found "for lack of a better terminology." What? Police men don't get dictionaries any more? ! Legal Link Cloudy

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