From Georgia's Cake and Eat It Too department, Laura Mallory both wants to remove Harry Potter books from the school public library because they "convert Wicca," which violates the right of freedom from religion...while simultaneously stating "I guess I have a dream that God would be welcomed back in our schools, again. I think we need him." Wait, what?

You have to love it when people think freedom of religion applies only to their own religions. Anyway, the Judge told her to get lost. Read all about it heah (Georgia accent): Judge Upholds Harry Potter Books.

And from the "No! Say it aint' so!" department, Vivienne Westwood, the woman who got famous dressing the Sex Pistols, has reinvented herself as a "thinker" and is warning people that propoganda in the popular media is both lying to us and distracting us. Looks like Viv finally caught on. Read all about it here, old chap (English accent): Punk queen Westwood rails against magazines and the 'sea of clones'.


Dalim said...

When will the Extreme Right realise that Harry Potter and their like ARE not nor will they EVER been Satantic, Wicca or anything else they would like to push. They are only afraid that people will begin to THINK with there own brain and ask akward and often hard to answer questions to these "fine upstanding citezens".
I for One and with you Constance! If you want to have a country free from religious persecution then you have to be happy to have ANY relgion or belief. And be happy with that. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone that is. Have you heard of Unitarian Universalism. I will write about it in an upcoming blog... Something to think about in reagrds to your post.

Anonymous said...

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