My buddy Dalim over at Strange is to a Stranger had this to say today about religion, beliefs, and the media: What do you think? Is it really your own thoughts... I thought it was a pretty good read.

New Nessie footage filmed at the Loch (where elese?) CNN is there: Fabled Monster Caught on Video

And that's all my news for today so far! I'm low on news.

Next review target: Mutant Message from Down Under


Dalim said...

Thank you for the linkage oh Constance! and for the "real" life knowledge of the US Health System... bottom line - don't get sick!

Something in line with your Nessie link - I just read, in that reputable news paper - The South Coast Register that there has been a report of a woman seeing a Yowie. "she described (it) as a two-legged non-human creature in her headlights. She said it was more then six feet tall, covered in a dark brownish fur and appeared and moved like no animal she had ever seen" pg. 5 Friday 1st June. No picture attached - mores the pity.
This has me kinda interested - might have to do a blog on this if I can find some more information...
It seems that Tim the Yowie Man had agreed that this sighting does fit the description and profile of a Yowie.
Hey it seems Batemans Bay is one of the top five spots for Yowie reports... wanna take a road trip down there?
Dr D. Finder of all things strange...