A kindred spirt?

Gleeeeee! I found someone else who focuses on negative reviews (See? I'm not alone!) -- only he reviews webcomics. Go check him out:
Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

I giggled. A lot.

Warning to Dalim: His review of CAD may make you cry...or giggle. I giggled.


Totally not on my usual topics: There is, after all, a place for me and Tol...a place where we can be safe. IHateCilantro.com. We've found a place where we belong!


Jeff said...


I just read the review of Dominic Deegan and I have to say, I am jealous beyond all reason of this guy's writing style.

And, um, what's so wrong w/ cilantro? Whenever I order tacos de carne asada at my fave Mexican restaurant, I like to get a little bowl of cilantro to put on the tacos. Am I a bad person?

Dalim said...

That is a very bad place! iHateCilantro.com ha! I laugh at your inadequate taste buds!
seriously I don't get the whole thing... there are plenty of things that taste worse then Coriander (as we call it here). And mixed in with some soy sauce in a nice asian dish there is nothing better. But I don't like ... umm well I am sure that there is something that I don't like... offal! I don't like that. But I'll eat it to try something new. I am a foodie so sue me! hehehe Glad you found some kindred spirits - even if they are miss guided!

j.c. said...

heh. I find cilantro pretty offensive too! It has ruined many a meal for me. Whenever we go to California my boyfriend takes me to his favorite taco stand. I always hated whatever I ordered, until I figured out that cilantro was the culprit. Now, I stay far, far away from it.

John Solomon said...

I bet I get more crazy people yelling at me.

Constance Parker said...

You only get about 100% more crazy people yelling at you, John. I admire you -- I don't know if I could stay strong through the barrage. :)