This guy wins the coveted Spooked Dipshit of the Year award. A book store owner in Kansas City, Missouri is burning books. Why? He's "protesting" the fact that local libraries and thrift stores won't accept the books he wants to get rid of. He's got over 20,000 books in a warehouse and wants to "thin out" his stock, so he wants to donate the crappy ones. I know from personal experience that most public Libraries in the US don't accept donated books (I assume because people probably try to donate cruddy books to them). And I know that most thrift shops have limited space.

And I know that this idiot could have easily donated the books to nursing homes, hospitals, and other places (that is, if he wasn't trying to fob off completely useless stuff like old encyclopedias). If he just wants to get rid of them he could *gasp* give them away to his patrons. There's a thought. Instead of burning books like a jackass, he could give his customers a little something for free. You'd be surprised at how quickly a cardboard box outside a store marked "Free Books" empties out. Anyway, here is a link to an article on the Dipshit of the Year: Bookstore owner can't give 'em away, so he burns books

A lovely article on Summer Solstice festivals of all types and varieties, including celebrations by Judeo-Christian groups, who are wanting to return to solstice celebration.
Summer solstice fests have deep roots

Our threats to reality may have worked! News has returned!


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