Salem, MA fortune tellers are finding dead roadkill on their doorsteps. Fortune Tellers Harassed With Road Kill.

Possibly fallout from this story I mentioned earlier about psychics in Salem who are calling for stricter licensing for fellow psychics. Psychics may have to pass test to practice.

I still find the whole thing questionable. I'm all for defending people from charlatans and jackasses. But in a market like Salem, which is known for it's history of witchcraft, the desire to lock people out of the market place by imposing stricter licensing has to be driving some people. I'm wondering if any of the laws passed about licensing will exclude tests for people who are already working in Salem. Hmmmm...

The world of for-pay psychics can be an ugly and opportunistic one. From my experiences back home, I can attest to the fact that some professional psychics will do anything to ensure that they don't lose clients.

I'm too cynical. Or am I?