A few posts ago, I was complaining that there wasn't any news. Now I'm inundated. Everyone, we can stop our war on reality to read these articles.

Remember earlier today when I was babbling on about the possibility that the dead animals slung on the doorsteps of Salem, MA psychics may have something to do with the legal shenanigans the local psychics are going through in order to prevent traveling psychics from stealing their bizznezz? Well, I was right. *pats self on back*

Here's the latest on the situation, courtesy of The Boston Herald: Road kill spells trouble: Dead raccoon casts strange light on Salem’s fortune-tellers.

If you want a really lovely and detailed description of the situation, head over to The Wild Hunt blog for this post. Psychic Wars in Salem. (It's a grown-up blog on Pagan affairs and this blog wants to be just like it if it ever grows up. *nods*)


Oh noes! A Kentucky library is allowing a Magic: The Gathering game to take place on it's premises. Some parents are not pleased: Game causes controversy

To quote a much-loved song by Justin Connor, aptly called Kentucky, "Oh Kentucky, what have they done to you?"


Meanwhile, the psychics in this Florida town seem to be getting along together a little better than their counterparts in Salem: Seeking Spirits in a Psychic Town


And to top it all off, more on the Harry Potter bru-ha-ha. This time, a teaching assistant that quit because she didn't want to listen to a student read from a Harry Potter book, since HP promotes witchcraft, which is, of course, "an abomination." Teaching assistant quit in protest at Harry Potter.

Whew -- it's late -- bed time for little Connie. G'night folks.


Jeff said...

Oh, that dang Harry Potter, leading us all down the path straight to HELL!

Sigh... Why are people so ign'ant?

Although, I do suspect that Jo Rowling has a pact with the devil, which explains why she has made a billion squillion dollars off the whole Potter franchise. (j/k)

Dalim said...

You is jus the liddle darl arn't ya?
Yes you are Oh yes you are! Wantin' to grawl up all big n tuff lik da big Blog eh?
Yes well sorry about that got a little out of it there. Umm yeah - go unreality... woot! umm yeah! he he he... oh whats the f&^king point?

Anjel said...

Yes, I know that personally when I'm feeling a bit satanic and rebellious, my first port of call is Harry Potter...

Oh PUH-lease, people!

Kids books AREN'T REAL! For more evidence of this - see

Maybe Muslims should object to American currency, for suggeting that in 'God' we should trust, and not Allah!
Let's all boycott Bette Midler for suggesting in her songs that 'God is watching us'.
Maybe all feudal Lords of England should be burnt at the stake for taking on a title that suggests there is any other Lord than Him.

Um... can I just adda quote here, while I rant and rave?

"And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother." John 4:19-21


"Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you" Romans 15:7