Where my news at?

I don't wish to alarm anyone, but once again my news sources have dried up and blown away. Unlike the weather here, which is Biblical in it's rainy proportions.

I'm currently reading the next book up for review: The Heart of the Tarot: The Two-card Layout: Easy, Fast, and Insightful (and yes, that is the actual title on Amazon!)

But I'm not done yet, so no reviews for you yet.

This is Constance, signing off to go build an ark. *paddle paddle paddle*


Dalim said...

Umm yeah I paddled over your way before but I guess you where out getting supplies before all the stores close up or get washed away.
Will talk later re the tickets and such! nug nug wink wink!!!!
Come on though I wanna hear how really easy the 2 card tarot is then I want you to do the reading of me and get the right answer!!

Jeff said...

My tarot reading: "This is the card that means you should be doing more with your life. This is the card that means if you don't quit blogging at work, you are going to get fired."