The Vatican is urging people to stop supporting Amnesty International....because AI supports access to abortion for woman who are raped or whose lives are otherwise in danger: Vatican urges end to Amnesty aid


Bless Dr. Dalim over at Strange is to a Stranger for tipping me off about this story. Psychic's $50k 'curse removal'. Yep, you read that right. She soaked a poor guy for $50 thou after he initially visisted her for a $110 tarot reading. I want to know two things. At what point did the guy think paying that amount of bills for two "ritual baths" was a good idea? And at what point did he decide that not getting receipts was the way to go? Sorry, I have to go put a bill in the mail for that blessing for Dalim.... A girl has to make a little cash. *ahem*


Click to read about Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Mikey Weinstein Tackles the Evangelical Coup in America's Military. I like this guy already!

That's it for tonight, folks. Don't take any wooden nickles. Unless I've blessed them and charged you $375 US for them.

Oh, and a secret shout out to Ivan and JM: "For 50 dollah, I burn candle for you!"