Two card Tarot for everyone!

In preparation for writing my review of The Heart of the Tarot: The Two-card Layout blah blah blah, it's two card reading time for everyone! (Well, all my regulars, at least.)

First, Anjel over at Anjel's Couch blog:
The first card is the Hermit, representing a withdrawal from activities to become introspective, and to gather strength. This card also represents hearkening to your inner vision and relying on yourself to find the correct path.

The second card is Judgement and represents making decisions, changing your point of view, and cashing in your karma.

Together, these two cards mean that it's time to take stock and recognize your inner resources and strengths and then reevaluate your view of your current situation, with the knowledge of what you have to help you.


Next, Dalim, over at Strange is to a Stranger Blog:
The first card is the 2 of Wands, Dominion. It represents established power and influence, understanding your past decisions, and responsible leadership.

However, the next card is 9 of Swords, Cruelty, and represents, losses, pain, anguish, and possibly inflecting pain on others with a verbal attack.
Do these cards sound familiar? They should, because they both appeared in your last reading, Mister!

Together, the two cards mean that you are consolidating your power in a situation and can become a steadfast and good leader. However, watch out for treading on too many toes, or you could lose it all. Now be good and talk nice!


Next, Jeff, over at Jeff's Rants blog.
First card: 4 of Cups, Luxury, which represents ignoring existing emotional support while pining away for something that you don't have. Disengagement with others. In one aspect of your life, you've got plenty of exactly what you wish you had, but you don't know it. Weird, huh?
Second card: 9 of Cups, Happiness, which tells me that you'll soon move into a zone of contentment and satisfaction, and move out of the period of longing you are currently in.

Together the cards mean that you should take realistic stock of what those around you are offering you -- they may be trying to hand you just want you want/need in order to feel real satisfaction and contentment. You may just not be recognizing the offer for what it is!


Next, Ivan, my occult guru and savior:
The first card is the 8 of Swords, Interference. It represents backing away from unseen forces, external criticism, and lack of focus or confusion. Something is jamming your wires, and you aren't working really hard to fix that. Are you jamming them yourself? Bad, bad Ivan!

The next card is the Ace of Wands, so things aren't all that bad. You're coming up on a time of creativity, when you are going to break out of that pattern of interference mentioned above. It's the seed of a new start, forward motion, and the chance to be passionate about something.

The two cards together tell me that though you are in a current holding pattern, you're about to be shaken out of it weather you want to be or not. So fasten your seat belts and go for it, si vous plait.


Next, JM, my other occult guru and music expert:
The first card is the Star, representing hope, reaching for the stars, courage, and enlightenment. It means any rough stuff you are going through right now is actually the road to enlightenment, so don't tune out -- pay attention!

The next card is the King of Cups, the watery part of air. This king is a patient fellow who has a lot of tolerance for people. He knows a lot about human nature and he's pretty calm and relaxed.
These two cards together tell me that bright things are on your horizon, and you may receive the help of a friendly King of Cups (internal or external, who knows?) in order to help you out of any rough patches. Any problems will be short lived.


And finally, moi, the dame of the bookshelves:
The first card is The Emperor, representing worldly authority, power, social mastery, and oratory skills.

But the next card is the 9 of Swords, Cruelty, which represents, pain, anguish, loss, or causing pain to another, usually verbally. Guilt, participation in a bad act.

Together, those cards warn me that I am on the brink of being the Emperor, with all his mastery or benevolence, or of being a fallen tyrannic Emperor. (In less self-important terms, I'm either going to be a nice person or a jerk in the coming days and I need to make up my mind right now to be nice.)

Me, nice? Le sigh.

If you're a regular and you're not on this list, shout at me and I'll do you up a pretty little reading of your own. If you're not a regular, I'll do one for you anyway (!)

This is Constance, teetering on the brink, signing off.


Jeff said...

Coolness! Thanks for the reading. I read tarot, too, although I am a huge skeptic. What I find interesting is the way I can weave the cards' meanings into a story that is relevant to the person who I am doing the reading for. I also find it curious to note what people take away from the reading. I often feel like the tarot readings I have done are more like counseling sessions, and people open up so much because they are far more focused on the "mystical" aspect of the cards rather than what is going on, so they are much more inclined to free-associate. Hence, that little censor that makes them reserved to share whatever is going on with their lives is so busy going "OOOH! Magic cards!" that it allows stuff that would otherwise not come out to be expressed more freely.

Have you done any reading on the Jungian symbolism of the cards? Pretty interesting stuff!

Dalim said...

Ummm I am worried that I keep on getting the same cards. Either they must really mean something or the odds are so far out of wack I need to by a lottery ticket and FAST!

Thanks again I am still tring to keep my mouth shut and be nice to everyone. I am turning into a nervous wreck!

Peace. (keep those nice thoughts going...)

Anjel said...

Whoa! Mine's very 'zen', isn't it?Being Introspective, eh? Well what else is a gal supposed to do in weather like this?

*swims off to see if dinner's ready*