Why the New Seal? Boycott The Dark is Rising!

Hi everyone,

Connie here twice in one day (I'm trying to make up for my absence). Anyway, I wanted to get the word out about a new movie that is being produced by Walden Media. Yep, those same folks that gave us Chronicles of Narnia and Bridge to Terabitha. Their next big project is The Dark is Rising.

I'm sure you've probably never heard of it -- at least, that is what I usually hear when I mention the book or its series. It's one book in a series of five that is based on Arthurian legend and Welsh mythology.

I do not have the words to describe what these books did for me or what they mean for me. They opened up my heart and put some magic inside that has never faded. They have reached across time and made me instant friends with complete strangers. They represent everything that was the very best about my childhood.

So, what has Walden Media done to what I and many others consider to be the best series of children's books ever written? They've completely torn them to shreds, removing all hints of Arthurian legend and Welsh Mythology. They've changed the nationality of the main character for no reason. They have warped the original's message of peace and tolerance and success through faith and replaced it with "might makes right."

If you are interested in all of the changes that have been made, I recommend the following two posts:

A Table of Changes listing all of the ridiculously bad changes that have been made to the original story.

An excellent post about the "Christianizing" of the film, and how it fails.

One recent blog post I've read stated that the way in which this film is being made is an indication that the Dark is indeed rising. Help push back the Dark! Please please PLEASE do NOT give Walden Media your money to see this film.

PS: This post goes out to Ivan and Juan, who I know will appreciate it.


j.c. said...

I read about this yesterday.
I never read the books, but am now planning on reading them.

It's always disappointing when filmmakers take the raw material found in the book and instead of creating something wonderful with it, decide to poke and prod and squeeze until very little of the original remains.