Connie back -- with Newsflash!

Back with a vengeance and some news to fill in the spaces while I get back on track.

First, if you are planning a vacation, keep in mind The Holy Land Experience, a tourist attraction just a few miles from Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Here you can witness Jesus's crucifixion, complete with roman soldiers, whippings, and other Passion of the Christ-like activities. Here you won't find rides, only lectures on Biblical times (and apparently, a few living dioramas). Why is this place in business? Well, aside from being in the good old USofA, Trinity Broadcasting Network (a Christian broadcasting company) is funding it after the project almost tanked. Check it out at Savior emerges for attraction simulating Jerusalem in Orlando.

Still not as good as the Golgotha Mini golf Course that used to grace my fair home state of Kentucky.


Just to prove that the USA is not the only country full of alarmist fundamentalists, a UK toy store has banned all Harry Potter merchandise. Why? Oh, because the owner doesn't want any children getting sucked into the "dark arts." Alert Severus Snape! Seriously, folks, if you think your kid is going to start worshiping Satan because of reading Harry Potter, do you also think they are going to turn into a pirate from reading Treasure Island? You can read all about it here: Don't Wand Them!


And here you can read about a bookstore near Tehran getting in trouble for selling the latest Harry Potter novel. Why? Because the publisher of the book is partially supported by Zionists, of course. Wait....what? Harry Potter and Zionism, the Untold Story. Harry is just copping it from every direction.


And finally, on a more serious note: South African Witches (as in the Western, wand-waving, moon loving, tree hugging variety) get ready to fight a Witchcraft Suppression Bill that is currently being drafted in the Mpumalanga legislature. Witches in South Africa want to fight it, but are also afraid to reveal themselves. Western witches set out to defeat new law.

That's the news folks -- did you miss me? Stay tuned for the creation for Charmed: Books to Run To.