I saw the bad moon rising

Though it wasn't really bad -- it looked quite lovely. Here are some photos I took of the full lunar eclipse that took place last night.

I've always heard people say that there was a rabbit in the moon, but I never saw it until last night!

In case you are wondering, the moon was eclipsed in Pisces and Virgo last night.

And yes, at the height of the eclipse, I went out and beat on a soup pot with a wooden spoon to scare away the dragon that was eating the moon. That made Frank giggle.


Jeff said...

Great pics. I am chagrinned to admit that I slept through it. Although I did see the Perseid meteor shower this year.

Greetings, I am April said...

whoa! I didn't even know there was a lunar eclipse last night.

Those are fantastic pictures. And what does that bit about Pisces and... *goes to check* Virgo about?

Dalim said...

Good glad you got some pictures I was out without my camera and got only a memory to keep - very cool we should have been in rehearsals but the moon was more interesting...

Thanks for posting them!

Now when do we get the next review?