Up to my eyebrows in books!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that thanks to Dalim and Anjel, who took me second hand book shopping yesterday, I'm up to my neck in books to read and possibly review.

I had already picked up Annie Wilder's House of Spirits and Whispers and Bob Johnson's Occult Investigation: Real cases from the files of X-investiations from the public library. Then those two whisked me off to a used book store here in town where I was able to find:

Pleidian Science and New Age Technology by Pyradyne International. (A really bad pamphlet-type book that appears to be about how wearing pyramids on your head is a good thing.)
Witchcraft and Sorcery edited by Max Marwick (A scholoarly collection of writings about ancient and modern witchcraft around the world -- looks pretty good, so a review of it probably won't end up on this site.)
Herbal Remedies by M.T. Quelch (A nice old hadbacked book published 1945 which is primarily about medical herbalism and health. And, apparently, what colors to make your baby's clothes.)
Mediumship: A Beginner's Guide by Leo Gouch (A how-to guide on mediumship -- could be good or bad...I'm betting bad.)
The Ancient Modern Witch by Marion Weinstein (The text of a talk given in 1990 in Greenwich Villiage about witchcraft.)
Witchcraft & Magic: Sercets of the occult world revealed, a book that doesn't admit to having an author, so you know it has to be a good candidate for this site.

So I'm busy busy busy at the moment. Hopefully, I'll settle down and give a decent review about one of these or about my new Youtube finds soon!


Dalim said...

Hey don't blame us... we came away with handfulls aswell... I quite liked the Herb one, I want to have a go at making us all well and herb-a-licous!

Anjel said...

Dont worry - there's a HUGE pile of teetering books next to my bed ALL the time! LOL