*blink blink* Where am I?

I'm back in my old stomping grounds for the next month or so, that's where! Connie is visiting friends and family in Kentucky. So, my posts will be erratic, if best. For those of you in the back, muttering about my posts always being erratic, you can just shut the hell up.

You may be wondering what is on my agenda as I traipse around Kentucky. Well, my schedule is a doozy. Here's what I hope to accomplish:

1. One or more visits to Eastern Cemetery in Louisville, KY. It's one of my favorite spots in town and *very* haunted. To add to the usual weirdness factor, my Mother may be interested in going with me.

2. A visit to Waverly Hills Sanitorium, the most haunted site in the state (some people say the World, but hello -- Glamis Castle, anyone?) Mom has also expressed interest in this excursion, but she's thinks she won't come. Actually, this may be impossible, as they appear booked for the rest of the year. And have suffered an attack of organization and restructuring of tours, to boot! I may throw myself on their mercy and give them a call, and beg, but it looks doubtful. They have done a fantastic job restoring the place, though, so I'd love to contribute some cash to the cause.

4. Any other trouble of an occult/paranormal bent that I can get into.

As for now, I am off to bed!


Dalim said...

Ummm what happening to 3?

I'll put it down to being on the wrong side of the world... or the hunted spirits took it and ran away so we weill never know where you have been or are going...


Constance Parker said...

Drat -- I had a three and then deleted it and forgot to renumber. So, it was obviously the spirits!