Still in the 'Ville

I'm still stitting (somewhat) happily in Louisville, eating lots of good food and having various occult-themed adventures. I do miss my partner, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing him ASAP.

I've been particularly lazy and I've not reviewed a damned thing, even though I have access to my entire book collection now. I think maybe a Konstantinos book review is in order, now let's see if I actually do it before I fly home!

This weekend, I am off to a Samhain festival with Greybeard and Magpie -- in the pouring rain! I bought my vary own rainsuit and Magpie has kindly provided me with some gollashes, so I won't be sopping wet (hopefully). The fest is being hosted by Circle of the Blue Moon and I'm really looking forward to it, despite the need to become one with the dampness and the more watery elements of nature.

Tol, my beloved, sent me a link to HeroMachine 2.5, so I presnt you with this completely true-to-life, not-enhanced-in-any-way, totally honest self portrait:

Hmmm...perhaps I should have gone with a Devereux-esque fadora? One wonders...