"I don't even know if new jersy is a city.

From Prophecies, A Psychic Prediction Registry, we get this missive:

"I fear that sometime between now and early next year there will be a event
that will create change on many levels. I see people moving fleeing to another
place of safety. I feel that a terror threat or something linked to terror will
cause this migration. I got the feeling that not all is apparent the govement i
hidding many secrets. I have had many dreams about being surrounded by Nuclear
explosions. I think the city might be in americia or london. This city is either
the eastside or it is south west unitied states. I think washington or New

I dont even know if new jersy is a city. London maybe will be flooded. I
like to think that it wont and can be prevented but this is my predition. Maybe
this is the cause of migratution. Could be many years away. But i feel it will
acure in the winter or on a cold day. Not all see doom and gloom cause these
changes create heroism and unity.

Something in space waits to come. it is neither good or evil. It can create
both. Dont know what this is but i feel it will be a comet or astroid. "

I can see the future! But I can't tell if new jersy is a city!